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The Three Heroes Team

Jack Everitt

Jack's been a lead game designer, programmer, producer,

consultant and entrepreneur for more than 30 years.

He designed/pioneered play-by-mail games in the 1980s.


He launched the first mail order company for Magic: The Gathering and other CCGs.


Later he worked for SCRYE Magazine and was a team member for Dragon Ball Z CCG exp., Bakugan, and Monsuno.


Three Heroes is his first video/mobile game.


Adriel Wallick

Adriel's an independent game developer based in Los Angeles.

She's best known for making a game-a-week for an entire year as well as being the founder and organizer of the annual Train Jam game jam. Adriel travels the world to speak at game conferences.


Each year she co-hosts the Square Bowl marathon charity event. She's an avid player of Destiny and the Final Fantasy series. She dreams of eating ice cream professionally.



John Stevenson

John's a freelance illustrator and designer with a passion for maps and architecture, objects and scenes.

He loves envisioning terrains and locations, buildings and vegetation; all of the little details that create that ineffable sense of place, the things that make it real for the viewer.

"I am all about imagining better worlds."


@SirInkman at DeviantArt

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